In this issue: Learn how to make cute hamster wheel soap and get a new idea for fundraising events this school year. Plus! all toys 25% Off.
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Cute Hamster ERasers in soap

Hamster Wheel Soap

How adorable are these melt and pour soaps? They are so much fun to make and it comes with a prize in the middle. This is just one of the cute soaps you can create with the Bramble Berry Melt & Pour Soap Fundraiser Kit. Perfect for invoving children in fundraisers for their actiivities - this kit has all the ingredients you need to make soap that will sell!

Step 1
ONE: Begin by cutting 24 oz. of white melt and pour base into small cubes. Heat in a microwave safe bowl on 20 second bursts. When the soap is fully melted, add .3 oz of Sun Ripend Raspberry Fragrance Oil
TWO: Pour about 1 oz of the soap into the round silicone mold. You don't have to be exact - you just want to cover the bottom of the mold with a thin layer of soap.
THREE: Allow the soap to harden for about an hour, unmold it, and then use the largest circle cutter to cut out the center of the soaps. You'll be left with 12 outer rings of soap and their inner circles.
FOUR: Cut 6 oz of clear melt and pour base, and then portion it off into 3 equal parts (so, each container should hold 2 oz. each). Melt each container on 10 second bursts, and then add coloring and fragrance oil.
Step 2
Instructions Cont. In one container, shave off chunks of the Amethyst Purple Color Block and fragrance with 1 mL of Sun-Ripened Raspberry fragrance.
In the second, shave off chunks of the non-bleeding chrome green color block and fragrance with 1 mL of Moroccan Mint fragrance. In the last container, shave off chunks of the Electric Bubblegum Color Block and fragrance with 1 mL of Watermelon.
FIVE: Pour each container into a single cavity of the round silicone mold. Allow the soaps to dry, and then unmold them.
SIX: Cut off the rounded edges of the circle soaps so you have a square shape. Then, cut the square into 16 1 x 1 centimeter cubes. These will form the rungs in your hamster wheel.
Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles 3
SEVEN: Take 6 of the white outer rings you made earlier and put them back in the mold. Then, place your "rungs" on top, evenly spacing them around the white circle. Finally, place your hamster in the middle. Do this for 5 more hamster "wheels."
EIGHT: Cut and melt 18 oz of Clear Melt and Pour soap. Fragrance with .3 oz of Watermelon fragrance . Once the soap has cooled to 130°F, carefully pour the clear soap directly over the hamster. Be careful because some of the rungs might become displaced, or the hamster may float to the top. Keep a chopstick on hand to gently adjust them if need be. Spray liberally with 99% isopropyl alcohol, and then finish the soap by placing a second white ring on top to complete the wheel.
Fun toys for your Soap

Sale! Toys!

Bramble Berry's toys are just too cute for words and perfect for embedding in soap. The eraser toys are colored with a lead free powdered colorant that is kneaded right into the material, so the entire eraser is colored. Choose from over 25 diferent designs.

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Raise money for your school and club with soap sales

Fundraiser Kit

Help your child raise money for schools, clubs and sports groups by selling soap! The Melt & Pour Soap Fundraiser Kit allows you to make soap that costs about 94¢ per bar which easily retails for $3 to $4 each. This results in a healthy profit and fun experience for you and your child. So skip the popcorn and cookie dough and raise some good clean funds!

Plus!  you can download the order form now and take orders before you purchase the kit.
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