In this issue: Try out herbs, clays and micas with the Givember sampler. Help us make a Soapy University. Lip balms perfect for stocking stuffers.
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Add Some Cheer to Your Holiday Gifts

This perfect stocking stuffer lip balm project has just a little twist to make your gift extra unique. With a blend of Mint Julep and Buttercreme flavors, it’s sweet yet brisk, befitting the season.

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ONE: In a heat safe container, heat the Lip Balm Base until melted.

TWO: To the melted Lip Balm Base, add 1.5 mL Mint Julep Flavor Oil and 1 mL Buttercreme Flavor Oil. Stir until the flavor oils are fully mixed in.

THREE: Pour the Lip Balm Base into the Slidey Lip Tins and allow to fully harden (I waited overnight, but you’d probably be good to go in 3-4 hours).

FOUR: Create a “moat” or stripe legthwise down the middle of the hardened lip balm using the pointy end of a Clean-Up Tool. Save the lip balm that you scrape out in a heat-safe container. We’ll get to that next!

FIVE: Once you have created moat stripes in all of the lip balms, add 1 teaspoon of Lip Balm Base to the reserved lip balm and heat until (re)melted. Add 1 Mini-Scoop of Merlot mica and stir until it is fully mixed and there are no clumps.

SIX: Slowly and carefully pour the Merlot-colored lip balm into the moat stripes in your Slidey Lip Tins.

SEVEN: Allow the Merlot-colored lip balm to fully harden, and use the Clean-Up Tool to fix any dribbles and drops. If there are any gaps between colors, do one or two quick passes over the surface of the lip balm with a heat gun. Slide on the Slidey Tin lids and you’re all set!

Soapy Business 101

Our dream is to make it easy for anyone, anywhere to learn to make soap and start their own business. We want to create an online university with videos, live help, and more! Bramble Berry is in the running to win a Fed Ex small business grant. But we need your help! Please vote for us (you can vote once a day) so we can start a Soap University.

Sampler Gift Kit

Order $125 or more between Nov 21st & 30th to receive an Herb, Clay & Color Sampler Kit.
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The Herb, Clay & Color Sampler Kit includes: a sample of Lavender Buds, Orange Peel Powder, Kelp Powder, Kaolin Clay & Sparkle Gold Mica.
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