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Holiday Holly Berry Cold Process Recipe

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Melt & Pour
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Chai Tea Candle

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Beautiful Swirl Cold process soap

Penguin Holiday Snow Globe!

A fun decoration for your own home or a great gift idea, our Penguin Holiday Snow Globe is a simple and customizable project that will delight you and yours this holiday season.


  • 8 oz. Glass Bail Jar
  • Liquid Glycerin, 1/4 teapsoon
  • Iridescent Glitter, 2 mini scoops
  • Penguin Eraser -- 2 penguins
  • Water
  • Plastic Cap
  • Silicone or Other Waterproof Glue, Epoxy or Resin
  • Sea Glass
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    Get all the ingredients you need to make this Snow Globe here.

    Step 1

    Our pieces all laid out. You will need a clear Silicone glue that is waterproof. We also used some Sea Glass for our project and you can purchase that at your local craft store. We customized our penguins with some small painted presents, but you can add whatever flair your creativity calls to mind, just make sure it is waterproof!

    ONE: Glue the plastic cap to the underside of the lid for the Bail Jar. This will allow the contents of your snow globe to stand up a bit higher so they are more visible.

    Step 2

    Two: Apply glue to the sea glass and attach it to the plastic cap on the lid of the bail jar.

    Step 3 Three: Glue the penguins to the sea glass, the feet towards the lid.

    Step 2

    Four: Glue the presents to the penguins.

    Step 2

    Five: Place areas of glue on the base and sprinkle glitter on these areas creating a sparkling snow effect along the ground.

    Step 3 SIX: Check to ensure all components on the lid will clear the mouth of the bail jar then set aside and let glue set according to the prescribed guidelines.
    Step 3

    SEVEN: Once your glue has dried entirely add water to the jar until it is almost full, then add glitter.

    Step 3 EIGHT: Add 1/4 teaspoon of Glycerin to the water.

    Final Step NINE: Carefully close and seal your bail jar, flip the jar over, shake thoroughly and voilĂ ! You have your very own winter wonderland!

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