In this issue: Learn how to make an Ombre Candle. And don't miss the last of our Mid-Week Mayhem coupons.
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Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles

Ombre Candle

Brighten up your evening with this colorful Ombre Candle, the next to last project in our Home Spa Collection.  In case you missed them, learn to make a Shea and Salt soap bar, Gentle Gel Serum with Chia Seed Oil, soothing Lavender eye pillow or an emulsified scrub with Pink Himalayan Salt. Be sure to check the Soap Queen blog later today to see the final project - customized potpourri. We would love to see your Home Spa creations. Share them with us on Facebook or Instagram tagged with #homespa.

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Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles 1
ONE: Portion out 16 oz. of Ecosoya Advanced Wax in a microwave-safe container. Head the wax on 30 second bursts until it is fully melted.
TWO: Add the pre-prepared fragrance blend and mix thoroughly into the melted wax.
THREE: In two separate containers, measure out approximately 5.3 oz. per container. These will become your three layers.
FOUR: Shave off chunks of the Red Wax Dye Block into each container. Keep in mind, the wax is clear when liquid but it will dry opaque, so the color will be darker than what you see in the glass.
Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles 2
To achieve the color gradient look, start out by adding only a few dye block flakes to the first cup and add progressively more to the secon and third.
FIVE: Pace the wicks in the container by using the darkest color wax as "glue."Simply dip the bottom of the wicks into the wax and then place the wick in the container. The wax will dry and help the wicks adhere to the bottom of the container.
Slowly pour in your first layer (it should be the darkest color).
Camp Bramble Berry Bubbles 3
Wait 1-2 hours for the first layer to form a thick skin before pouring the second. To speed up the process, pop the container in the freezer.
SEVEN: Once the first layer has thick skin, pour the second layer. Again, wait 1-2 hours before pouring the third layer. To speed up the process, pop the container in the freezer.
EIGHT: Once the second layer has a thick skin, pour the final layer, Wait 1-2 hours for the layer to harden or pop it in the freezer to speed the process. When the final layer is fully hardened, your new candle is ready to burn!
Bubble Painting

Home Spa Collection Labels!

These labels are reminiscent of vintage Paris, and they will make your Home Spa Collections stand out. The PDF file will be added to your shopping cart when you click the add to cart button. Then click the little download button with the green arrow. You will need to have the free software program Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view and print the PDF file. Print your labels on cardstock or label stock and place on your Home Spa Collections.

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