A whole slew of brilliant bath and body kits to get you prepared for the holidays!

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Don't forget a key ingredient when making your next handmade creation. Bramble Berry's kits have everything you need, so you aren't short when your are ready to create!
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Hats, Bats and Spiders Soap Kit

Hats, Bats, and Spiders Soap Kit

Grab this melt and pour kit with it's free PDF stencils and make some scary soapy fun for the whole family, just in time for Halloween. Hey, why stop there? Make soapy treats for all your friends!

Brew Some Seasonal Fun»
Shaving Kit

Foaming Bath Whip Shaving Kit

This is a perfect choice for the gentlemen in your life. Delightful and elegant yet it requires no heat or precise measurements. Making it an ideal project for the kids. Creates four finished kits complete with shaving brushes.

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Coffee Butter Foot Cream Kit

Coffee Butter Foot Cream Kit

First aid for the feet, this lavish cream is made with the ever scrumptious Dark Rich Chocolate Fragrance Oil and a touch of Peppermint for a pick me up. All suspended in a luxuriant beeswax and coffee butter lotion base.

Treat The Feet »
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Rose Clay Scrub Kit Bold & Metallic Nail Polish Kit Gnome Kit

Rose Clay Scrub Kit

With only a few ingredients but a complex pairing of Black Amber and Lavender Fragrance Oils, this scrub is an excellent choice for the cultivated connoissere on your list.

Scrub With Sophistication »

Bold & Metallic Nail Polish Kit

This kit makes 8 bottles of nail polish so it's a fantastic kit for a crafty girls night. Mix and match and send everyone home with their own bottle of handmade nail polish.

Polish Those Paws »

Soapy Gnome Kit

It's a super cute gnome. Who doesn't want a super cute gnome? Make them as travel gifts for your friends and maybe you will receive a picture of your gnome from some far off place.

Go Big Or Go Gnome»

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Bramble Berry Picks

Pumpkin Lager FO

Pumpkin Lager Fragrance Oil

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Guest Mini Snowman Mold

Mini Snowman Soap Mold

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Radiant Plum Colorant

Radiant Plum Colorant

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Exotic Musk FO

Exotic Musk Fragrance Oil

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