Adorable Mother's Day Card Templates. Shaving brush back in stock. And a great exfoliating rebatch soap for those tough jobs. 

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Silicone Whisks

Silicone Whisks

These silicone coated stainless steel whisks are perfect additions to any soaper's tool kit. The silicone coating makes for easy clean up and ensures they won't interact with raw soap.

They are excellent for working with fragrances that accelerate trace and are available in two different sizes, small and large, so you can get the perfect size for whatever you're mixing.

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Mother's Day Card Templates

Mother's Day Cards

Have you seen our adorable Mother's Day card templates featuring 4 unique designs? For a limited time, you can download these designs for free! 

These come as an electronic PDF downloadable as soon as your order is processed. Check out the fantastic designs and add a touch of panache to your Mother's Day soaps and toiletries this year.

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Smoky Bay Soap

Shaving Brush

These brushes went like wildfire as soon as we got our first batch, so don't wait to stock up. They have fake badger bristles seated in a wood handle and are stiff enough to generate a rich foamy lather from a shaving soap yet soft enough to provide a smooth and pleasant shave, all at a great price. Add it to our shaving soap kit and you have the perfect gift for the men in your life.

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Mechanic's Rebatch

Mechanic's Rebatch

Sometimes you just need a rough and tumble, no nonsense soap. This raw two toned rebatch soap uses three different exfoliants to conquer even the toughest of dirty jobs. We used our new Neroli & Shea Blossom fragrance, and added walnut shells, poppy seeds and the baking soda to create a potent exfoliating soap which is ready for use almost right away. How is that for no nonsense?


Molds & Tools:

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Get all the ingredients you need to make this soap here.

Step 1

COLOR PREP: Disperse 1 teaspoon of each colorant in 1 tablespoon of glycerin. Glycerin is quite thick, so mix with a spoon or a fork. You can also heat it in a heat safe container in the microwave using 5 second bursts. It will be easier to mix. Set aside.

ONE: Set your double boiler on medium heat and add the shredded rebatch.

TWO: Mix the baking soda with 3 oz. distilled water. Stir with a whisk or spoon to combine.

THREE: As the rebatch melts and becomes more thick, add all of the baking soda/water mixture and stir.

Step 4

FOUR: Continually stir the rebatch and allow it to cook for 10 - 15 minutes.

FIVE: Once the rebatch has reached the consistency of mashed potatoes, stir in 1.2 oz. glycerin.

SIX: Stir in 0.6 oz. of Neroli & Shea Blossom Fragrance Oil.
Step 7

SEVEN: The rebatch should have a gelatinous texture -- if it does, split off roughly half (16 oz.) into a new container. If not, keep cooking! After you split the batch, turn the heat down low on the crock pot to keep it warm and workable..

EIGHT: Working fast to ensure the doesn't harden up before you get it into the mold, add 1.5 teaspoons dispersed Ultramarine Blue and 1 tablespoon Poppy Seeds. Stir to incorporate.
Step 9
NINE: Pack into the mold. To achieve the diagonal design, build the rebatch up on one side. At this point it will be workable like clay, so you should be able to mold it into a diagonal slant with your fingers if you are wearing gloves. Use caution because the soap will still be very hot.

TEN: Once you’re satisfied with the shape, add 1 tsp dispersed Black Oxide and 1 tsp Walnut Shells to the rebatch in the crockpot. Stir in and then scoop the black soap into the mold.

Step 10
ELEVEN: Pack the black soap tightly into the mold. You want to make sure the two colors adhere to each other, so don’t be afraid to push! Mound the black soap up in the middle to create a ridge. Wait 24 hours to unmold your soap and then another 24 - 48 hours for it to fully dry out. Since the water was evaporated out of the soap during the crock pot phase, your bars are ready to use without waiting for the 4 - 6 weeks of cure time. 
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