Sale on silicone molds! Fantastic new sectioning tool + free label templates, all as part of our Havana Classic Promotion.  

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Tobacco & Bay Leaf

Tobacco & Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil

Take  advantage of great savings on this new fragrance. It has a bracing, masculine scent, clean and assertive without overpowering the olfactory senses. It's 20% off until the end of April. Now is the perfect time to try it!

This fragrance is featured as our sample of the month and it's a key ingredient in many of our Havana Classic projects (more of those to come soon). It's an excellent addition to your fragrance collection so get in on the discount and try this delightful new scent.

Get a Fresh and Clean
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12 Bar Round Silicone Mold

30% Off Original Silicone Molds

A special heads up for our loyal newsletter subscribers. In honor of our Havana Classic series we are hosting a  24 hour mid-week mayhem sale! You will get 30% off all our original silicone molds. Rounds, ovals, squares,  slabs, cubes and columns, get them while they're hot. 

On Tuesday, March 25th, the sale will start at 12 noon (PST) and last for 24 hours. Watch our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Homepage and Soap Queen blog for the coupon code so you aren't left out in the cold and miss the savings.

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Multi-Pour Sectioning Tool

Multi-Pour Sectioning Tool

Try our new Multi-Pour Sectioning Tool. This tool is specifically designed to allow you to pour different color sections into our 5 lb. Loaf Mold. You can use it to vertically layer 2, 3, or 4 different colors. Then remove the pieces and try a Mantra Swirl, Taiwan Swirl or create something else completely.

Guaranteed to fire-up your creativity and get you playing with color. This product just arrived so be the first kid on your block to take it for a spin and find out what it can do.

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Shaving Soap

The Perfect Combination

Our brandnew shaving brush is perfect for the man in your life. Use it along with this shaving disc soap. Specially formulated with kaolin clay, luscious butters, lemon peel and our clean and spicy new scent Tobacco & Bay Leaf, this soap lathers right up for that perfect shave whether using it with a cup and brush or just between the palms.


Molds & Tools:

Colorants & Fragrance:

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Get all the ingredients you need to make this soap here.

Color Prep COLOR PREP: Disperse 1 tablespoon of Kaolin Clay, 1 tablespoon Lemon Peel Powder and ½ tablespoon of Fizzy Lemonade Colorant in 2 tablespoons of Rice Bran Oil. Use a mini mixer to get clumps worked out smoothly. Prepping your colors in the beginning will allow you to work quickly and give you more time to work with your soap.
Step 1 Remember, safety first: Check out our FREE four part series on Cold Process Soapmaking, especially the episode on lye safety.

ONE: Slowly and carefully add the lye to the water and gently stir until the lye has fully dissolved and the liquid is clear. Set aside to cool.

TIP: If you’d like a harder bar of soap that lasts longer, you can add Sodium Lactate to the cooled lye water. Use 1 teaspoon of Sodium Lactate per pound of oils in the recipe.
Step 2
Grate the cocoa butter before you add it to the other oils so it will melt easier and faster once you heat the mixture.

THREE: Combine the Rice Bran Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Butter and Cocoa Butter. Heat them slightly in the microwave to soften the butter then stir with a whisk until thoroughly mixed.
Step 4 FOUR: Once the lye water and the oils have cooled to 130 degrees or below (and are ideally within 10 degrees of each other), add the lye water to the oils and stick blend until thin trace.

FIVE: Add the full amount of the colorant mixture to the soap batter, and stick blend until fully incorporated.

SIX: Add fragrance to the mixture, using a whisk to fully incorporate.
Step 7
Slowly pour soap batter into mold cavities. Tap the mold on the table several times to disperse bubbles and level the layer. If you’d like an extremely smooth bar, you can use a soap cutter to smooth the tops. Spray the entire top with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to reduce soda ash. Cover and insulate for 24 hours and unmold after 3-4 days. Because this recipe contains high percentages of Castor oil for that extra lather, it will be fairly soft until it is fully cured. Allow to cure for 4-6 weeks and enjoy!

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