Shower Fizzy

Cute new critter molds. Save money with our Soaping Tool Kit. Whipped shea butter is one of our favorite recipes. Wake up with a peppermint shower fizzy.

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Whipped Shea Butter Recipe

Nourish Your Skin

This whipped shea butter recipe is simple to make.  The rich butter makes it a treat for skin, hair, lips and face. Whip Shea Butter, your favorite liquid oil, and fragrance or essential oil until it’s light and fluffy for a skin-loving treat. You can make similar whipped butters with coffee butter and avocado butter.

We've also made similar creams with coffee butter and with avocado butter. This recipe has nearly endless possibilities!

Pamper Yourself
Kid Critters Soap

Say Howdy

Welcome the newest addition to our line of Kid Critters molds. This set features barn yard animals including a goat, duck, horse and sheep. But we also have mold designs that include monkeys, kitties, lions, hippos and more!

This series of adorable designs was sculpted by artist Catherine Failor who has been creating soap molds since 1998 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

Ducky Says Quack
Beginner Soapmaking Kit

The Right Tools

Having the right tools can make all the difference in your soapmaking adventures. Get started with this comprehensive set of soapmaking tools or for experienced soapmakers, up your game with top of the line equipment.  

The kit includes 4 different silicone utensils, 2 quart mixing bowl with pour spout, 2 squirt bottles, 2 easy pour containers, 1 digital scale, and a cordless mini-mixer.

Get Soapin'
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Shower Fizzies!

Wake Up with a Fizzy

Enliven your morning with a peppermint and eucalyptus shower fizzy. Toss the fizzy on the floor of the shower and let the aromatherapeutic vapors envelope you. Peppermint Essential Oil is remarkably invigorating and renowned for clearing blocked nasal passages.


Molds & Tools:

Alternate Blends:

Soothing Blend Awakening Blend
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Get all the ingredients you need to make this project here.

Step 1

ONE: Add baking soda and citric acid in a large bowl and mix to combine. The baking soda and citric acid may form clumps. Use your fingers to break them up or sift the powders through a strainer.

TWO: Now add the Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oil blend.

THREE: Stir the essential oils into the powders. The easiest method for mixing is to simply use your hands.

TIP: Wear gloves if you want to protect your manicure, citric acid will dull nail polish.

Step 2

FOUR: Depending on the moisture level of the mixture, spritz the bath bombs with witch hazel. It usually takes between 5 – 7 spritzes. The mixture needs to be wet enough to hold its shape. Spray just enough Witch Hazel so that the powders stick together and aren’t crumbly. Be careful though, because spraying too much can cause the mixture to fizz prematurely and ruin your shower fizzies. 

TIP: To test it squeeze the powder in your fist, if it holds its shape when you open your hand, you have the right mix.

Step 3

FIVE: Once the powders hold shape, use your fingers to press the powders into the mold. You want to pack them very firmly so press hard. Flatten the back to give a nice finished look.

SIX: Unmold the bath fizzies after an hour and allow them to fully dry out overnight. Keep in mind that because there is such a high concentration of essential oils in these bombs, they are not meant to soak in a bath tub! Instead, set them on the floor of your shower and allow the steam to carry the scent.

SEVEN (optional): Repeat this process with the Soothing and Awakening Blends for a variety of fun scents!

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Irish Soap

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Amazing Squeeze Bottles

Lettuce Fragrance

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Make two sizes of soap in one batch!

Mixed Size

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