Extracts on Sale Till Noon (PST)! Prepare for Next Weeks Midweek Mayhem. Tea Cup Candles and our New Pumpkin Seed Oil!

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Upcoming Midweek Mayhem

More Mayhem to Come!

We hope you took advantage of all the discounts we posted so far this week. Don't forget, extracts are still on sale until noon today.

Don't forget about next week's mayhem sales. Remember coupons become valid after noon (PST) and last for 24 hours (till noon the next day):

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Pumpkin Seed Oil

New! Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil

Since this oil is cold pressed it retains much of its remarkable vitamins and fatty acids. Chock full of Vitamin A and E and Omega 6, Pumpkin Seed Oil is a luscious gift to your skin.

This oil has a subtle, nutty scent and is perfect for lotions and moisturizers, but you can use it in cold process as well. Keep in mind, the deep brown of this oil will discolor a CP soap or a lotion to some extent. So treat your skin to some vitamins!

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Rose Water Lotion

Rose Water Lotion

Summer is fast approaching so we have loaded up with recipes to enrich your skin. This lovely lotion contains sunflower, apricot kernel and vitamin E oils as well as a nice touch of Chamomile Extract (which is still on sale! Just look over there

This delightful rose water lotion is moisturizing yet still light and airy with just a touch of rose scent. It will help keep your skin as fresh and lush as a garden after a spring rain.

Light, Delicate Yet Deeply Moisturizing »
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English Garden Tea Cup Candles

Tea Cup Candles

This  simple recipe yields four exquisite candles, with two different fragrances that are just the right size for a tea cup.Give your house the warm glow of an English Cottage with these Earl Grey Lemon and Lavender Green Tea scented lovelies.


Molds & Tools:

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Get all the ingredients you need to make this soap here.

Step 1

ONE: Split the EcoSoya Wax into 2 heat safe containers. Each container should have about 8 oz. each.

TWO: Melt the wax in the microwave on 30 second bursts. Stirring in between each burst. Watch out! the container might be hot. 

THREE: Dip the bottom of the wicks into the wax and then place them in the teacups. Allow the wax to dry for 5 - 10 minutes. It
will act as a glue to keep your wicks in place when you finally pour.

Step 4

FOUR: In one container, add shavings of the Royal Violet Wax Dye Block and 1 oz. of the Lavender Green Tea Fragrance Oil. Once your wicks are secured to the bottom of the cups, slowly pour the rest of the wax. You’ll have enough wax to make two candles of each color, depending on the size of your teacups.

FIVE: In a second container, add shavings of the Red Wax Dye Block and 1 oz. of Earl Grey Lemon Fragrance Oil. Just like in step
4, be sure your wicks are secured to the bottom of the tea cups and then pour the wax.

Step 6 SIX: If you need to, you can stabilize the wick by placing two chopsticks or skewers on either side of the wick to keep it
from falling over.

SEVEN: Allow your candles to set-up for 3 - 4 hours. Trim the wick to 1/2 inch and then enjoy!

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Bramble Berry Picks

Rose buds and petals

Rose Buds & Petals

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Pink Soapmaking Goggles

Espresso Fragrance Oil

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Shea Body Butter

Shea Body Butter Base

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Cedarwood Atlas EO

Cedarwood Atlas

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